Produce tracks on your iphone / ipad.

Produce tracks with the touch of a finger. Figure by Reason is now available on your iphone for only 99 cent. 


Some of the features are:

  • Adjustable controls for key, rhythm & tempo
  • Drums, bass, lead synth
  • The ability to tweak songs as songs plays
  • Pads that control melodic figures, constrained by key

There are a few draw backs to Figure.  It’s made strictly for the iphone and ipad.  There is no export feature on this app. and no saving.

If you create something you like you won’t be able to save it or export it.  The only way to record your track would be with another external recording device. There is not even an export to Sound-cloud button.  Absolutely no saving.



Figure by Reason seems great for the beginner but limited for the experienced user.  If you try the app.  Let me know what you think.

DJ Trez

Click here for more info:

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